Vuthy Ou, PsyD, MBA

Licensed Clinical Psychologist


Different Is Possible

People I work with sometimes use "depression," "anxiety," or "trauma" to describe different parts of their lives. But often, words like heartache, worry, dread, or panic can better capture their experience. 

Many feel under pressure, isolated, resentful, or chronically misunderstood - to different degrees invisible to the world, estranged or hidden even from close family and friends. Some - empty and drained, like they had lost or given up on something important. For others - self-consciousness, doubt, and self-criticism have left them unable to engage fully with the important people and passions in their lives, despite all their efforts.

Many have been stuck, frustrated, or confused, asking themselves, "Why do I keep doing this," "How did I end up here again," or "Why can't I just let go and move on?" And some don't notice much overt distress at all, outside of a vague sense that "something's off" or their loved ones telling them they seem distracted, distant, restless, even irritable.

Whether your challenges are long-standing, perhaps tied to complicated past experiences, or whether they've emerged recently, maybe after a major life event, psychotherapy can be a place to explore, think, feel, and grow in a way that helps you navigate difficult life experiences and transition into a more fulfilling, vibrant, flexible, and effective version of yourself.

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